Opening to the 2009 Trash Bash

By , December 7, 2009 7:57 pm

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  1. Phan says:

    Intelligent Citizen is just another snetor TRYING to reason away a worthless lifestyle. Stoners do NOT see what that liestyle is doing to themselves, their community and children THAT is CRIMINAL!!!! Medicine ? Tell that to the pharmaceutical companies who will eventualy buy out pot growers because they are TOO STONED to FIGURE OUT what is REALLY going on around them while their head is in the clouds! Pot IS dangerous, and espeically the drug dealers who grow it and have ANGER ISSUES about being harassed for BEING A DRUG DEALER CRIMINAL!!!!Police are RIGHT to enforce the law BRING in the FEDS TOO!!!I hope police are reading these blogs and DIRECTLY look at the evidence of admission of CRIMES, and/or ASSSOCIATION with crimes!!!!!

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